New Inspiration Cards

Here are the highlights for the rules that govern Inspiration Cards. Inspiration Cards replace the Inspiration rules found in the Player’s Handbook. Everything here can be said to be under DM purview – whether to keep, modify, or ultimately discard.

  • Players receive one card at the beginning of session if they have no cards;
  • Players may receive one card for exceptional roleplaying;
  • Players may receive one card for creating ‘problems’ for their characters, related to their Flaw or specific cards that can create problem opportunities;
  • You may discard all cards, some or none at the end of a session;
  • Cards carry over from session to session;
  • You may hold a maximum of five cards at one time. Any cards that you gain when you have a full hand are lost;
  • Unless otherwise specified, using an Inspiration Card takes no action, and may be done at any time;
  • Using multiple cards is allowed, as many as you wish to use;
  • Cards may not be traded. However, there are cards that can assist other players (such as the Supporter card).

The Nature of Inspiration
When using Inspiration Cards, no magic is detected. The use of these cards can be considered a surge of determination or focus; or perhaps in some cases – an unrevealed facet of your character. The Favor cards are in fact one of the Gods (or their servants) granting you a minor blessing, and no magic is detected there, either.
Favor Cards
Your character doesn’t have to actually worship the God from a specific Favor card you wish to use – nor even particularly like them. For whatever reason, you are granted Favor from a God with or without your consent by a God. The use of a Favor card – or really, any card – is not a conscious choice by the character.
When you receive a Favor Card, you are granted only one of the Aspected blessings (player’s choice). If, however, you receive the card on the favored day of that particular God (located on the lower right portion of the card), you may select an additional blessing. If you are in fact a worshipper of that particular God – you may select an additional blessing as well. Note that this means that a character who receives a Favor Card from the deity they worship on the favored day for that deity receives all three blessings.

Inspiration Cards have keywords, which are found just below their name. Here are the definitions for these keywords:

Unique. You may only have one of these cards in your hand at a time. If you receive another card, alert the DM and select another card.
Favor. Detailed above.
Varies. When this card can be used (non-combat or combat) may vary, due to the differing effects the card offers. Check with the DM if it is not obvious.
Non-Combat Only. This card may only be used when your character is not engaged in combat.
Combat Only. This card may only be used when your character is actively engaged in combat.
Special. Cards with this keyword require specific circumstances in order to work – speak with the DM if it is not self-explanatory.

New Inspiration Cards

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