Ismark "The Lesser" Kolyanovich - Deceased


One of the few citizens of Barovia that could be called even relatively positive, Ismark is concerned only with the safety of his sister. While he is the next in line to be the Burgomaster of the Village of Barovia, he seems to have no interest in taking up the post. Having developed an obsessive hatred for Strahd, he has trained extensively and gathered as much intelligence on the vampire as he could.

When the heroes first entered Barovia, he supplied what information he could in exchange for their help in escorting Ireena to Vallaki.

Upon their arrival, he was ambushed and slain by a certain vampire lord, who took his place to keep a closer eye on the busy Inquisition.

Later, he was animated by the dark magicks of Baba Lysaga, who set his construct to the task of retrieving Ireena for Strahd. He was quickly freed by the party from his torment at the burning remains of the Martikov’s Vineyard.

Ismark "The Lesser" Kolyanovich - Deceased

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