Baron Vargas Vallakovich

"All will be well!"


A large man, he is never seen without his breastplate and rapier, even while relaxing in his study. He comports himself with a haughty air and a brittle ego.


The Burgomaster of Vallaki is a ruthless heel who prides himself on his good breeding and finely honed leadership skills. He stages repeated celebrations to foster happiness, and his “All will be well!” catchphrase has become a sad and tiresome punchline. Baron Vallakovich has convinced himself that if he can make everyone in Vallaki happy, the town will slip free of Strahd’s dark grasp.

During his mad outburst at the Festival of the Blazing Sun, he intended to drag Lars Alexeev through the streets via horseback. He was quickly struck down by Duran, and the inhabitants of Vallaki welcomed their new overlords. Pax wasted no time in removing his chain of office and fine breastplate, declaring himself the new Burgomaster.

Baron Vargas Vallakovich

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